Tuesday, July 17, 2018

ERAC, CHASE & 3.0 GPA, PART 2-- by JC Langelle--SUMMER OF LOVE 2018


(The Pot Shack)-- A blog without a theme is just a place where the editor copies and pastes whatever might interest he or she on the world wide web, and there is plenty to choose from. The President dominates the headlines but can easily be upstaged by Thai kids trapped in a cave, foul-mouthed Elon Musk living down to his reputation, a Big Sur girl who drives off a cliff and lives, a Hawaiian volcano lava-bombing tour boats, or the usual wildfires out West. Spend time on any of that and summer is gone in a breath of smoky air.
     Today, on National Tattoo Day, the 'hood is loaded with muscle beach dudes showing off their body art work, The Java Hut crowd below the apartment has the usual young girls infatuated with unemployed skateboard jocks, the out-of-towners are converging on the parasail kiosk and paddleboard rental shops. I had planned to go out and spend time in the sun but by 10:00 AM it was already too late; besides the air is full of smoke from the Yosemite #Fergusonfire; don't you mean Dr. Ferguson, my Anthropology professor?

     ERAC, aka Enterprise Car Rental, accepted my resignation and will cash me out for a possible $175 check, sent via Fedex to my address on record. It appears living on $10 a day may only last a couple more days. Haven't heard from Chase on when the plan to repo the Toyota, but I will need it for at least one more day. I was walking back from Safeway with a fresh supply of crackers, sardines and a Starbucks iced tea and waited as the SR267-Tahoe Blvd light changed. I had planned on proceeding on the north side of the blvd but the signal allowed me to cross and the phone rang just when I did while right in front of Sweetbriar condos. The reason for wanting to go straight up the north side was to secure a new route with fresh checkpoints enroute back to the bungalow, but the detour must have been fate calling, it was. I had applied at Indeed for a facilities maintenance job at the Reno Hyatt across from the airport and they called me for an interview. I missed the phone call and returned the call immediately, the receptionist said "Reno Hyatt," and I thought she said "Reno High." I will be going in for that interview tomorrow at 1300 hours.

     The strategy here is to place UNR on hold if a position like this is worthwhile and it might just be.
At least it will afford an opportunity to continue to seek reasonable employment while attending UNR, full time, in the Fall it will be 15, not 12, units. The classes are the following:

.. Classes listed are French 211, Economics 101, English 281, Core Humanities 203 and Dance 365.
French class is non-negotiable, bonehead Econ might be useful considering the ever-so-unstable global uncertainty that exists, the 281 is a redux of Dr. Ferguson's linguistics without the teaching assistant (paper grader), the 203 is a Constitution requirement and could be very valuable with the upcoming trials for treason on the horizon. The Dance 365 is also non-negotiable, it's Eve Allen and she knows her job very well, like Christelle Redden in la Francais. And, Eve has a dance troupe with some very talented ladies performing at the proscenium. Most of the classes above are full with some wait list stragglers hoping for a break to get in.

     Meantime, getting back to the Summer of Love 2018 here at The Lake, there's plenty of that going around and the objective here is to keep writing. Today, I put all the papers, quizzes, and ruminations from Amelia Thibault's CH212-3001 Summer class , before I dropped out, over at La Paleontologie for everyone's reading assignments.

There is a new screenplay in progress with a working title of "Tet '68" but it just doesn't seem to fit into the current context of things, that should change. As for these essays' relevance to the 27th Marines command post at Duong Son (2) in 1968, there isn't any. But the 27th Marines page is the official blog, and this is the journal, past and present, and future.


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