Sunday, September 29, 2019

ENG205.3001 Writing Prompts--THE ROAD TO COCOA 1974

ENG205.3001   Writing Prompts   by L'Angelle

17 June 2019----"The Road to Cocoa"  (IW, Prompt 2.7. Page 34)

     Hitchhiking to Florida from Las Vegas wasn't so bad on the way out. Hung up in Tucson, I drank until the bar closed and got back on the road. Caught a ride to Kansas City. From there, driving up through the mountains and eventually into daylight, it was a short hop across Texas into Louisiana, and New Orleans. Another great opportunity to drink until I couldn't find the freeway.
     Back at the ramp, nearly robbed by a gang of thugs, it was by sheer coincidence or mercy that a car flew around the corner and gave me a ride to some remote fog covered off ramp somewhere west of Tampa.
     By the next night I was recovering on the beach at Cocoa with the launch gantries clearly visible over the water.  In the morning, it dumped rain all the way into Ft. Lauderdale and by sundown, busted by the cops, I hiked fifteen miles across town to sunrise and Alligator Alley, where eventually and waiting all day, arrived at sunset in Naples, feet so blistered I could barely stand on them.
     The road back was just as tough.

REFLECTION: There is a great deal more to the story than this but the logistics are accurate. The year was about 1975. The experience was only bad as reflecting on it at the time, not today by any means.

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